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Voicing lived experience...Generating mental health wellness through community, policy, training and peer support

Creativity, Health, Trauma and Resilience

Opportunities and information to inspire recovery, resilience and creative responses to stress and individual or community-wide traumatic events, stress or other painful experiences.

Featured Video “How could anyone ever tell you…”

Accessible events and outdoor activities around the state through Dept of Conservation and Recreation DCR’s Universal Access Program

The Adverse Childhood Events (ACE) A major study that correlates the high incidence of physical and psychological illnesses in adults who experienced traumatic events in childhood.

Addiction Treatment Reviews and Information

Amina and Arif  Dancing, Art, Connecting based in Gardner, MA

The Arts Factor June, 2014.  Research on how Boston’s art and culture transforms lives.

ATRIUM overview (Addiction and Trauma Recovery Integration Model)

Building Resilience to Climate Change  Nov 2016 conference materials.  Resources for building trauma-resilience.  Presenters include Sandra Bloom and Rick Hanson.  Coordinated by the International Transformational Resilience Coalition (ITRC)

Boston Art Consortium for Health – Resources and member organizations

Clutter & Hoarding

When things become too much: How to help a hoarder  Chicago Tribune

Buried Treasures Facilitator Guide Lee Shuer & Dr. Randy O. Frost

Hoarding Clinical Resource Directory MA

Hoarding Best Practice Guide

Comic Relief   Mission:  To drive positive change through the power of entertainment. Writing for Wellness.   A virtual landscape where successes and difficulties with mental and emotional illness, spiritual emergency and opportunity, extreme states and trauma can be written about in a safe, open, community-building forum. Peer support and arts-based events and activities in Hyannis MA.

How could anyone ever tell you….  Self-care song and slideshow

MassParks state parks in MA


Me2/ (“me, too”) is the world’s only classical music organization created for individuals with mental illnesses and the people who support them.   Weekly rehearsals (Sept-May) Mondays 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. at Hope Central Church in Jamaica Plain.  New members are accepted at various points throughout the season, no audition. for more info.

Video clips and info about documentary project “Orchestrating Change”

Blog about 2016 performances at Bridgwater and Shattuck

Michael Skinner  Healing trauma, abuse, and promoting mental health through music.

“Models for Developing Trauma-Informed Behavioral Health Systems and Trauma-Specific Services”  Prepared by Ann Jennings, Ph.D, 2007

The National Center for Trauma Informed Care (NCTIC)

NICABM National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine.  Continuing education and free resources in mind-body-spirit medicine and trauma recovery.   Directed toward providers, useful to anyone.  Including 5 Ways to Create an Anti-Depressant Brain

Opening Doors to the Arts low-cost or free arts and entertainment opportunities in Boston

Sidran Institute Traumatic stress education and advocacy


Starseed Healing Sanctuary  Events and Western MA retreat space in Savoy

Suicide Prevention links to coalitions across Massachusetts

Tobacco Cessation Training Center at UMASS and “Lets Make Smoking History” helpline.   More resources at MA Tobacco Cessation and Prevention Program.

Trauma: Built to Break art project in Dublin featured online at The Creators Project

Tunefoolery Over 50 musicians with psychiatric conditions and disabilities who play and perform music as a way towards healing and recovery, based in Boston.

What Happened to You Central MA RLC video trailer

The Yoga Tree Gardner MA