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Deaf and Hard of Hearing Recovery Project

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Project is building a welcoming network for Deaf-to-Deaf peer support and training.  We also find hearing friends and allies in mental health programs and support for recovery from traumatic experience.


Peer Forums Link to ASL Vlog

ASL group events for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf/Bling and late Deafened

  • Springfield:  April 4 at Stavros  flyer
  • Framingham:  April 20 at Advocates  flyer
  • Taunton:  May 9 at Taunton Public Library flyer

Check our calendar for all events listings

“Who Are We?” Video

Deaf individuals openly share their story of being diagnosed with a mental illness and their journey to satisfying, complex lives. They share their dark days and their hope. All presented in In their native language- American Sign Language. We present them here in the hope of educating and inspiring others and creating community.

All 8 Deaf Recovery Stories

at “TC Peers” Youtube Channel

What is Peer Support?

What is Peer Support and the Recovery Model and How that is Different than the Medical Model (PDF)

Presentation developed and presented by Marnie Forgere, Deaf and Hard of Hearing project coordinator

How to Communicate

Tip Sheet #1 “Communicating with Deaf and Hard of Hearing”

Tip Sheet #2 “How to use American Sign Language Interpreter”

Tip Sheet #3 “How to get a Deaf or Hard of Hearing Person’s Attention”

Tip Sheet #4 “Helpful tips about Language Use”

All 4 Tip Sheets

“How to be Deaf-friendly with or without Interpreters” Guide for Hearing

White Paper Released (PDF)

Establishing Deaf to Deaf Peer Support Services and Training
Successes and Lessons Learned From the Massachusetts Experience  


Button Art by Rachel Klein & Diane Squires

Prepared by: Deborah Delman, Marnie Fougere, and Meighan Haupt
In collaboration with the Deaf Community Voice Team with The Transformation Center: Val Ennis, Marco Gonzalez, Lori Johnstone, Mary O’Shea, Taimin Rosado, Sharon Sacks, Minh Vo

With special appreciation to allies Justine Barros, Cathy Mylotte, Lucille Traina, Robert Walker and
Catherine Quinerly

Links and Resources

Minnesota Certified Peer Support Specialists program

MCDHH (MA Commission for tech Deaf and Hard of Hearing)

MCDHH Boston YouTube Channel  Founded by Deaf women in California “Our mission at DeafHope is to end domestic and sexual violence in Deaf communities through empowerment, education and services.”

Deaf YES Center at UMass Medical School, Worcester, MA

Harvard Committee on Deaf Awareness (CODA)

“Intimate Partner Violence in the Deaf Community: 5 Things You Need to Know & 5 Things You Can Do” (written for mental health providers) PDF

“Signs of Safety: A Deaf Accessible Toolkit for Trauma and Addiction” PDFASL

911 Disability Indicator Program


Deaf and Hard of Hearing Project Contact

Marnie Fougere
Video Phone: 617-606-7508

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