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Massachusetts Certified Peer Specialist (CPS)Training Program




We are glad you found us!   The explosion of interest in peer support and CPS training across the state is heartening.


The Transformation Center is pleased to announce the next class

Winter 2019 Certified Peer Specialist Training

Northeast Massachusetts

Training Dates and Location

Radisson Hotel & Suites, Chelmsford – Lowell
10 Independence Drive
Chelmsford,MA  01824

Week 1
January 14/15/16/17/18 (Full-day Trainings)

Week 2
January 22 (Training)
January 23/24/25 (3-day Retreat)

Week 3
January 28th (Training & Graduation)

Summary of Steps to Apply and QuickLinks

Our process has changed!  PLEASE scroll down for important details, eligibility, preparation and requirements for the CPS Training.  Your ability to follow these instructions is part of our evaluation of readiness for training.   Summary of the interview and application process:

1) Review “CPS Training Eligibility” below
2) Assess your readiness for CPS Training using the “CPS Training Self-assessment”
3) Schedule an interview on the “CPS Portal”  DEADLINE Thursday, December 6 (by midnight)
4) Complete the “CPS Application” from your interview confirmation email
5) Obtain two “Letters of Recommendation”
6) Upload and submit application materials from the “CPS Portal”

Use the CPS Portal or email for the fastest response to questions about the CPS training program.

What is Peer Support?

“Peer Support” is a relationship between people with similar experiences.  It is a mutually valuable exchange of hope, encouragement, connection, understanding, information and/or assistance.  “I’ve been there” is one of the most validating and useful things a person can say or hear. In the mental health recovery movement, peer support relationships are among people who have experienced emotional distress, trauma and/or been given a mental health diagnosis.

The Massachusetts Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) Training

This is a rigorous training for people preparing for a Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) role in the community or service system.  CPS is not an entry-level position and the training is designed for people who have some knowledge and experience with peer support.

A CPS has been trained to share their experiences of mental health recovery, services and supports and to carry the message that Recovery is Real!   In sharing our wisdom, strength and hope with others (including people using services, mental health professionals and policy makers) CPSs can significantly impact peoples’ beliefs about their own capacity to recover and the capacity of others to recover.

The CPS program includes classes that covers 24+ modules, small group activities and homework.  The program supports students to inspire hope in people they support and work with.  After completing the class,  students are eligible to take a written examination for the CPS Certificate.  Students demonstrate a host of abilities that are necessary in the Certified Peer Specialist’s role, including:

The Three Core Competencies:  Peer Support, “In” but not “Of” the System, Change Agent
The Shoulders Upon Which We Stand
Advanced Fundamentals of Peer Support
Human Experience Language
Cross-Cultural Partnering
Fear: Friend or Foe
Group Facilitation and Self-Help Tools
Power, Conflict and Integrity
Creating the Life One Wants

Do I need to be trained as a CPS to give Peer Support?

No!  Peer relationships change lives and foster recovery anywhere that people seek and give support based on shared experiences. There are far more opportunities and places to offer peer support than there are paid roles for Certified Peer Specialists.  Peer support happens informally and in paid and volunteer roles that do not require CPS training and certification.  It is expected that people applying for the CPS training have some experience giving and receiving support in peer relationships.

Peer support trainings of many kinds are offered by a variety of organizations for people with or without experience with peer support.  Many provide a certificate of completion or offer their own certification program, for example the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) Facilitator training.   Regional Recovery Learning Communities (RLCs) can tell you about peer support opportunities that do not require CPS.

CPS Code of Ethics

As part of their training, Certified Peer Specialists (CPSs) commit to peer support and collegial relationships that are guided by the Massachusetts CPS Code of Ethics (updated 2015).   Putting these 14 principles into practice is vital to protecting the mutuality of relationships and the integrity of the CPS role. The CPS Code of Ethics is particularly useful for working in programs that are based on a medical model of care. Other members of the peer support workforce may also use the CPS Code of Ethics to guide their work, including volunteers, Young Adult Mentors and Peer Facilitators.

Eligibility for the CPS Training

  1. 18 years of age or older
  2. High School Diploma or equivalent (GED, HiSET, etc)
  3. Lived experience with mental health, emotional health and/or trauma resulting in significant life disruption
  4. Willingness to share your recovery story in the context of peer support

Preparing for CPS Training

The CPS training is not an entry-level training.  It is designed for people who have already done some work (volunteer or paid) in peer support roles and have thought about what working in a peer support role would mean for them.

Tools to help you focus and assess your skills in one-to-one and group peer support, sharing your story to insure hope and being an agent for change (links below):

CPS Training Self-assessment

CPS Code of Ethics

CPS Preparation Manual

The application process considers the following as supports for success in the CPS training and in the role:

  • The applicant demonstrates a foundation of knowledge and experience in peer-to-peer relationships and understands the peer specialist role in the mental health system.
  • The applicant has basic knowledge about the differences between a maintenance-based mental health system and one that is recovery-oriented.
  • The applicant has knowledge of recovery through personal experience and experience with leadership, advocacy, or other relevant peer support roles.
  • The applicant is committed to completing the CPS course, taking the CPS exam, and working as a CPS in mental health and other service systems.

Final decisions take into account our mandate to compose a class that includes diverse perspectives and world views, and makes admission a priority for people currently employed as a CPS.

Schedule Your Interview


CPS Portal

Deadline to schedule interview is Thursday, December 6

Interviews for Winter 2019 CPS Training in Northeastern MA are available December 10 – 17 in two locations:

Chelmsford Public Library, 25 Boston Road, Chelmsford, MA 01824
  • December 10th  10:30 am – 4:30 pm
  • December 12th 10:30 am – 5:30 pm
  • December 14th  10:30 am – 4:30 pm
  • December 17th 10:30 am – 5:30 pm
The Transformation Center, 98 Magazine Street, Roxbury, MA 02119
  • December 11th 10:30 am – 5:30 pm
  • December 12th 10:30 am – 5:30 pm
  • December 14th 10:30 am – 5:30 pm
  • December 17th 10:30 am – 5:30 pm

Please plan for the interview process to take about one hour, including check in, wait time and 15 minute interview.  An email address is required to schedule an interview and to participate in the CPS Training.

Scheduling must be completed though the CPS Portal.
You may reschedule or cancel your CPS interview online from the CPS Portal or reminder notices for up to 24 hours before your scheduled time.  Call 877-769-7693 to cancel or request a change within 24 hours of your appointment.
For technical assistance please text first or call Marcia 413-626-6968


CPS Application

Applications are accessible ONLY from your CPS Interview confirmation email and text.  Your responses will be discussed during the interview.

There are 3 ways to submit your application (must be recieved before or at your interview)

  1. Online (preferred)
  2. Print, complete and upload through CPS Portal
  3. Print, complete and bring to interview

Letters of Recommendation

  • Two (2) letters of recommendation are required.
  • We encourage you to request letters as soon as you decide to schedule an interview.  Some applicants request letters from more than 2 people to help ensure they will be done before your interview.
  • Letters should be written specifically for this application.
  • Please do not submit a recommendation you obtained as part of a past CPS applications or for another purpose.

Request letters of recommendation from people that have a good understanding of your characteristics and skills and how they might apply to the CPS role.  Potential references include  employers, volunteer supervisors, educators, friends, or other people that know you well.

We are interested in your ability to form supportive relationships and any experience you have with peer support.  One letter of recommendation must be from someone directly involved in peer support.

Family members may not provide letters of recommendation.  Recommendations from treatment providers detailing your “mental health diagnosis” and treatment are discouraged.

There are 2 ways to submit your letters of recommendation (please submit before or at your interview)

  1. Upload through CPS Portal
  2. Bring to interview

The CPS Portal

Go to our CPS Portal for most things related to the CPS Training:

  • Schedule your interview before the DEADLINE December 6
  • Reschedule or cancel up to 24 hours before your interview
  • Email or call the CPS team
  • Upload application materials (2 recommendation letters and your application)

The Vcita online platform is secure, well established and consistently reviewed as user-friendly and safe.   It allows you to login using your email and maintains security by requiring you to go to your inbox to confirm it is you.   At anytime, you can go to the CPS Portal to view or change your schedule, documents uploaded and communication with the CPS Team.

You may click “logout”, “forget me” or “enter a different email” from various screens in the portal to remove your email from the portal’s immediate memory.   To keep the memory clear you will need to repeat this after each time you submit something or communicate through the portal.

For technical assistance please text first or call Marcia 413-626-6968

CPS Supervisor Resources

Training Materials & Links

Retesting & Tutoring

If you wish to retake the CPS exam or schedule individual tutoring to prepare for retaking the exam please email

Recent Classes

    • Fall 2018 – YMCA, Worcester – completed November 1, 2018
    • Summer 2018 – La Quinta Inn, Springfield – completed August 30, 2018
    • Winter 2018 – Bedford VA Hospital, Bedford – completed March 15, 2018
    • Fall 2017 – KIVA Center, Central Mass RLC, Worcester – completed Nov. 16, 2017
    • Spring 2017 – VINFEN Training Center, Somerville – completed Jun 2, 2017
    • Winter 2017 – Cape Point Hotel, W. Yarmouth – completed Feb 17, 2017
    • Fall 2016 – Holyoke Community College, Holyoke – completed Nov 16, 2016
    • Spring 2016 – Easton – completed May, 2016
    • Winter 2016 – Lexington – completed Jun, 2016
    • Fall 2015 – KIVA Center, Central MA RLC, Worcester – completed Nov 16, 2015

Policy Manual

All the policies related to the CPS class, including the application process, acceptance process, class design and testing, are described in the manual.

CPS Program Policy Manual (approved January 2018)

Oversight Committee

The CPS Oversight Committee advises the CPS Training Program Coordinator regarding all aspects of the program, including curriculum, training and testing processes, policy and procedures, program evaluation, and meeting the needs of the community.

Membership is made up of people with expertise in education, research, testing, hiring and integrating Certified Peer Specialists into the public mental health system, CPS practitioners and persons with lived experience who are not CPS.

Oversight Committee Members June 2017


April 2018

March 2018

February 2018

January 2018

December 2017

November 2017

October 2017

September no meeting

August 2017

July no meeting

June 2017

January – May 2017




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