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Voices for Change

An occasional 10-page newsletter of The Transformation Center giving voice to people in Massachusetts with lived experiences of mental health diagnosis, trauma, substance use issues and/or extreme states.

“Voices for Change” includes news, stories, artwork and poems from the many cultural communities.  Volunteers with lived experience of recovery contribute and edit articles, proofread, do research and interview each other.



Winter 2016“Senior Americans and Mental Health”


Summer/Fall 2014  “Including Asian-American Peers”


Fall 2013Voices for Change - Fall 2013 “LGBTQQI”

Spring 2013 “Reclaiming Intellectual Life”

Voices For Change - Summer 2012 - First Mental Health Encounters

Summer 2012 “First Mental Health Encounters”


Voices For Change - Spring 2012 - Mental Health Care Disparities

Spring 2012 “Mental Health Care Disparities”

Voices For Change - Winter 2012 - The Vacation IssueWinter 2012 “The Vacation Issue”

Voices For Change - Fall 2011 - Wellness and Personal MedicineFall 2011 “Wellness and Personal Medicine”

Voices For Change - Summer 2011 - Trauma Informed CareSummer 2011 “Trauma-Informed Care”