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“Sticks and Stones: How Language Can Be Used…”

Policy paper published

Sticks and Stones: How Language Can Be Used to Promote Recovery for Co-Occurring Mental Health and Addiction Disorders (Download Paper)

A collaboration between PPAL (Parent/Professional Advocacy League), MOAR (Massachusetts Organization for Addiction Recovery) and The Transformation Center.  “Sticks and Stones” draws on the passionate views of young adults, family members, people in recovery and consumers to help us think about a new way to talk about co-occurring mental health and addiction.


The term ‘persons in treatment’ emerged from the focus groups as a term youth and young adults identify with because it shows strength for seeking treatment, doesn’t have specific stigmas attached, and gives space to other aspects of life.
By using language to empower, we can change the conversation from one of discouragement into one of hope.  We can create a common language that builds a sense of belonging without removing the diversity of experience.