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Latinos en Acción

Latinos en Acción is a statewide network designed by and for Latino community members working for mental health recovery and unity. This peer-to-peer network initiative reaches out to Latino’s who use mental health services and many who do not.    The Latinos en Acción network increases peer support for Latinos on a local level while providing culturally-sensitive networking opportunities and increased advocacy at the state level.

Mental Health in the Hispanic/Latino Community

In 2010, Latinos made up 10.5% of the Massachusetts population. This amounts to approximately 627,654 individuals, roughly half of which are of Puerto Rican origin or descent (US Census Bureau, 2010).  The population is disproportionately young and native-born, both characteristics that put an increasing number of Latinos at risk for mental health problems. Thus, the need for culturally and linguistically appropriate services will continue to grow at a rate far outpacing the supply of mental health providers.

Evidence is growing to suggests that peer support is a viable solution for bridging this gap and may result in higher positive outcomes in Latino communities.


¿Qué es la auto-agresión?  (Spanish)
What is self-injury? (English)

Trauma en la Comunidad Latina (Spanish)
Trauma in the Latin Community (English)


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